Early Christmas present?

The date for Early-bird prices have been postponed to January 3rd, 2019 ! In accordance with this, the cancellation dates have also been updated, see below, or read more on this page.

Cancellation options (updated dates)

Up until January 10th, no fee, from January 10th you pay 50% of the fee, from Jan 17th, 2019 you pay 100% of the fee.

Avbokningsregler: Fram till 10/1-2019 kan du avboka utan kostnad, från 10/1-19 betalar du en 50%-andel av kursavgiften, från 17/1-19 100% av kursavgiften.

How to apply

We use google forms for applications. Click on the link in the text, make your choices and add your data. Link to google form. If you have any questions, please contact one of the organizers, see email addresses below.

Merry Christmas and hope to see you in Oslo 2019!

Gunilla Boivie, ASKIS, co-host, and Aud Marit Viken Esbensen of Krysalis, Senter for Systemiske Konstellasjoner, host.