In this video, Sarah Peyton shares practical advice on how we can improve the way we relate to ourselves, grounded in an understanding of the underlying brain functions.

Sarah Peyton, certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (and much more), talks about how the brain and body relate to our Self, how trauma affects the brain (and us) and how our brain’s DMN (Default Mode Network) supports us.

Watching this video gave me an insight into what I as therapist always have felt – that being in empathic relation, supporting by just listening, is a big part of what is helping us humans heal. She also talks of different kinds of meditation/mindfulness, and why it is sometimes work so hard to achieve.

How we can enhance our connection to ourselves also by music/books/films etc that we love, was also a nice confirmation, didn’t we all know that! And I love her metaphore of seeing the brain as a croissant!

For those interested in more of Sarah’s work, look for her book, Your Resonant Self, or join us in Oslo Nov 14 and/or 15-17th when she gives a lecture+workshop! Contact me here if you are interested and have questions. Applications are open until October 5th. Read more here, or apply directly here.

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