Dr. Albrecht Mahr

About the facilitator Albrecht Mahr MD.

Dr. Mahr is a medical doctor, psychoanalyst, and a specialist in mind-body medicine, applied psychotherapy and systems therapy. He is a teaching psychoanalyst in the German Psychoanalytic Association (DPG) and has additional training in Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Gestalt, body and music therapy and holotropic breathing (Grof).

Dr. Mahr has been practicing and developing systemic constellation work (scw) since 1990 and is the President of the Institute for Systemic Constellations and Integral Solutions in Wuerzburg, Germany. From 2002 – 2004 he was president of the Germany-based International Constellations Association (IAG). He is an international teacher of scw and the Founder (2002) and President of the International Political Constellations Association (iPCA). Currently Dr. Mahr is involved in a pilot project in Rwanda, researching the possibilities of supporting and healing post-traumatic societies through constellation work.

Furthermore, he regularly gives workshops for the same organization.

Since 2001, together with his wife Brigitta, Dr. Mahr is the organizer of international conferences in the series “Fields of Conflict – Fields of Wisdom. Resolutions in Large Group Conflict”, including both the well known and the cutting edge approaches of conflict transformation in addition to constellation work. Among others, the themes of the conferences have been “Collective Wisdom” or “Identities”, and the 2011 conference was dedicated to “Conflict Transformation and Mysticism”.

In addition to a number of articles in the international constellation journal “The Knowing Field”, Dr. Mahr has edited the book “Fields of Conflict – Fields of Wisdom. Systemic Constellations in Peace and Reconciliation Work” (2003, Germany)

Workshops and Teaching Seminars with Albrecht Mahr

In co-operation with Svenska Hellinger Institutet, Dr. Mahr was invited to give a Teaching seminar in Stockholm 25-27/4, 2014. Its title: Experiencing the Spiritual Essence of Systemic Constellation Work.

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