I Workshopen The Phenomenology Inquiry, 17-18 februari, jobbar vi med vårt automatiska signalsystem. Jag frågade en av kursledarna, Nikos, vad han önskar förmedla med denna kurs. Hans svar nedan:
Psst, du kan anmäla dig via denna länk.

In The Phenomenology Inquiry,

Nikos Vayiakakos asserts that ”what we believe determines much of what we think and do: the way we move, the way we respond to people, how we think of ourselves, how we see the world in general.” His basic message, stated in short, clear prose, is that passion is to be found only in the present moment, and mainly through becoming aware of the thoughts flowing through our minds, and through the primal process of observing our thoughts, they begin to self-correct. 
From the domain of Systemic Phenomenology (the approach, where we explore how relationships
with ourself, the body and with important others, have culminated phenomena we experience in life),
the Phenomenology Inquiry Workshop is a wonderful journey for anyone seeking to discover how
to look at oneself in the present tense.
In Phenomenology Work, we petition against the futile pursuit of the “known self” and instead
we reveal the simple grace of just being present. In compelling prose, Phenomenology asks us  ​
to surrender to the reality of “what is” that enables us to reunite with our own being.
Each area of Personal Inquiry, in the workshop, is accompanied by exercises meant to bring
Phenomenology’s vision into daily life, what the facilitators call a practice tha​t “facilitates the
voluntary sabotage of long-standing patterns.”

Nicholas M. Vayiakakos, Director
LIFE ALPHABET Social Coop Enterprise, Greece