Teaching Seminar Christine B-Essen

Lärande-seminarium med Christine B-Essen

I våras hade vi förmånen att, tillsammans med Svenska Hellinger Institutet, arrangera ett sk Teaching Seminar (lärande-seminarium) med Christine Blumenstein-Essen. Ett lärande-seminarium har fokus på lärandet och uppställningar görs i samklang med temat som en del av seminariet, men till skillnad från en workshop har man inte förbokade klientplatser.

Constellation Work with Ego States and Inner Activities Around Trauma and Psychosomatic Symptoms


Datum: 13-15 juni 2014

Plats: Stockholm

Facilitator: Christine Blumenstein-Essen. Läs mer om Christine via denna länk: Christine B-Essen

Alla som är intresserade och vill kan anmäla sig. För att få ut mesta möjliga av seminariet är det bra att ha vissa förkunskaper om metoden, tex genom att ha deltagit i en eller flera workshops tidigare.  Helgen ingår också som del av den utbildning som ASKIS ger i samarbete med Svenska Hellinger Institutet, fördjupningsblockets modul 6 (av 6).

Tider: Fredag kl 13-21, lördag & söndag kl 9.30-17.30

Anmälan: Skicka din intresseanmälan till Gunilla på info (a) askis.se så skickar vi anmälningsblankett.

June 13-15, 2014, Christine Blumenstein-Essen presents the Teaching seminar:

Constellation Work with Ego States and Inner Activities Around Trauma and Psychosomatic Symptoms

  • Working with the structure of the client’s questions
  • Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy (PITT)
  • Applications in group and individual settings

“Let it go away!” is what people say when they come for counselling or therapy with symptoms or problems. Yet the solution is usually not in the intense struggle with the problem, but in the intense examination of its context. This includes looking at potential changes  and creating new  biographies (i.e. life stories).

In this seminar we will work with the question of how relationships can cause or influence symptoms and other problems. Participants’ questions and examples will be used for setting up constellations and we will look at

  • how and why the individual roles are as they are and why they are maintained
  • what benefit a solution could present
  • which important aspects of the symptoms need to be seen and heard by a larger whole
  • how new images of the constructive cooperation of forces within the system arise.

In this seminar we will look at present or original family systems as well as at so called internal systems, i.e. systems of “inner parts” or ”ego states” or ”inner activities” which can support the client’s search for change and solutions.

An important part of this work before setting up a constellation is how to formulate the interview in order to find out the structure of the clients question and to ”create” a question that can help.

PITT (Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy) which also can be used with constellations, is concerned with  techniques to stand off traumatic (inner) scenes and to regulate affective conditionshow to work in a resourceful way to relieve and stabilize clients who have experienced traumahow to help them to learn self-regulation and self-carehow to support clients to re-parent themselves how to work with ”injured inner parts”how to turn ” injuring inner parts” into protective and strengthening inner forceshow to help facilitators to protect themselves from burning out while working with traumatized clients.

In this seminar we will use demonstrations and exercises for understanding and learning about these processes. Depending on the context of the participants we will focus on individual and group settings to apply the concepts in daily practice.