Workshop i februari samarbete med Life Alphabet System

The Phenomenology Inquiry

Your Body-Mind Perception as a Systemic Guide

Få insikt i ditt automatiska signalsystem och hur det påverkar din perception av dig själv och din omvärld, delta i en upplevelsebaserad workshop utifrån kropp-känsla-intellekt och ta steget in i den systemiska världens fenomenologi. Workshopen hålls på engelska.

The way we interact with others, how we look at, speak and listen to people, how close or far away, and how we touch. All of these interactions give us a clue of what our system of origin is like, how our family systems behave. Similarly, our preferred manner of interaction gives us a picture of the culture we come into this life with. Some of which is fairly familiar to us, while other parts show up as a complete surprise, but all of which have an influence on our current reality, our past and future destiny.

During this seminar, participants will become aware of how their own automatic bodily movements, perceptional biases and automatic mind sequels play out in different human interactions.  We will achieve this through what is called Phenomenology Inquiry. That is, by receiving information through the senses (Body-Feelings-Mind perception), participants will explore and find out the personal meaning of various phenomena in their lives. In the end, participants will have revealed their own experience of the Phenomenology of Self, having taken the first big step through the gate of Systemic Phenomenology.

Dates, Hours

Saturday-Sunday, February 17-18, 2018Seminar hours:  Saturday 10-18 and Sunday 10-17.


Nicholas Vayiakakos & Anna Saliverou, Life Alphabet System, and Gunilla Boivie, ASKIS

For everyone?

Anyone interested in the phenomenological approach, with a personal attitude of selfopenness and selfinquiry as well as a natural curiositytowards the unseen.

Early bird until January 10, 2018.

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All Problems are psychological. All Solutions are spiritual. and all Experiences are physical.